Garage Doors

At our workshop, we can create a wide choice of garage door styles. Thanks to the materials that we use, you are guaranteed a strong yet malleable solution. We also offer a choice of different finishes as well as designs and operating solutions. We can create sectional, shutter and hinged garage doors.

Metal Grilles

We can create a choice of metal grilles for doors and windows ideal for anyone who is looking for a burglary and break-in deterrent that is also stylish and adds aesthetic appeal to your home.

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Remote-Operated Gates

At KB Structures Ltd we can construct and design an array of remote-operated garage doors for both residential and industrial settings.

Metal Beams

We construct and create a wide selection of metal beams for a solid and effective support structure within your home. We can also recreate a range of exposed metal beams for townhouses and other urban spaces.

Metal Works

Through this service, you can get solid metal and wrought iron metal gates for a range of buildings. These gates can also be designed decoratively to add appeal and increase security.

Apertures & Fixtures

We are also able to design and construct a choice of metal apertures and fixtures for your home, from doors to windows, railings and staircases.

Our Works